Improve your confidence with Play2Speak!

Learn English in a safe and immersive environment while having fun using Virtual Reality. Talk to our virtual characters and improve your CONFIDENCE in English. No more judging, we promise!

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How Does It Work

Put on your VR headsets and play our fun stories.

Have a conversation in English with our virtual characters.

At the end, we give you feedback on your pronunciation, vocabulary and fluency in english.

How Do I Learn

We combine Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with storytelling to create different scenarios, where you can practice your English in a captivating way. This combination allows you to have fluid conversations in English with our characters, while feeling completely immersed, as if we teleported you to another place..

Practice your Speaking with new vocabulary: Work on your pronunciation and gain confidence in speaking in English. Also, during every session, you will learn new words within a contextualized environment – excellent for learning a new language!

Get instant feedback: From the moment you start talking with our characters, your English is being analyzed. Let our system give you instant feedback on your speech proficiency, and a more personalized analysis on your conversation, as a whole!

Create custom conversations: We don’t have content you need? No worries – We will make it for you with our AI! Use personalized conversations with all of your keywords and training tips, in Virtual Reality. Your students will be enjoying doing their homework!

Why Virtual Reality

Virtual reality helps overcome the fear of mispronunciation and mistakes, users remember content more vividly thanks to the immersion and stops classroom distractions increasing student engagement.

Improve your confidence in speaking English:
Our virtual characters will help you learn vocabulary, improve your pronunciation and improve your fluency in English, and they won’t judge you!

Remember content more vividly:
Every new word you learn in English will be said in context so you will understand how to use it.

Increase student engagement:
The creation of short experiences with total immersion will Improve your student’s retention and concentration levels. Even if you only practice for a few minutes at a time, it will be a very intense practice.

I Want To try it

Try our new The Secret of Puffin Cove: Encounters A2 ENGLISH experience NOW. Click on TRY NOW and you can download Topic 1 for the PICO G2 4k headset. Follow the READ ME file and start playing!

Make sure you UNZIP the files first:

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The Team

Play2Speak is an EdTech company out of  Madrid, focused on bringing to market new ways to practice a new language. We use immersive technologies, like virtual reality and AI, to recreate contextual situation of practice.

Giuseppe Fantigrossi
Co-founder & CEO

Fabio Polimeni
Co-founder & CTO

Alberto Gordillo
Co-founder & CCO